Transformation: Our ultimate goal at New Moon Lodge is for residents to graduate from our program and reintegrate into their communities in a positive way while continuing to live a responsible and sober lifestyle. Our deep respect for the importance of the community to Native culture, as well as how vital it is to pass down traditions from one generation to the next, helps those who have left treatment live a life full of hope, pride and optimism. Through treatment and beyond, we truly believe that transformation can occur for our clients and that it’s possible to rewrite one’s life story.

Sobriety: Substance abuse and mental health disorders don’t have to be a life sentence, and healing doesn’t end when residential treatment does…in fact, it’s just the beginning. Our strength- and experience-based approach empowers clients with the skills necessary to transform into people with healthy coping mechanisms for their triggers. When people’s natural resilience and a newfound network of peer and staff support meets a unique melding of Western medicine and traditional healing methods, major change can occur that will lead the client on the path a recovery that will last for a lifetime.

Community improvement: During treatment, we instill in each client the importance of contributing to one’s community. When communities themselves are thriving, so are the people that live there. As lifelong residents of the communities we serve, we understand the importance of celebrating where you come from but also of being unafraid to improve it.

Empowerment: Every person has within himself a deep well of inner strength and resilience. Sometimes ignored, sometimes forgotten, at New Moon Lodge we help each resident to harness this for himself and bring that courage with him everywhere he goes. An empowered and confident man is one who is capable of handling in a healthy way anything life throws at him.

Resident Satisfaction

Report they feel more hopeful about their future after being at New Moon Lodge

Report that staff was sensitive to their cultural background, traditions and language

Report after staying at New Moon Lodge, they now have skills to deal with their triggers

Report staff partnered with them in their recovery

Report that the services they received while at New Moon Lodge prepared them for staying sober or minimizing their use

Report they would call New Moon Lodge again if they need help