Social development: We believe in the power of honest and open communication to bring residents to an empowered and healthy place not only for themselves, but in a social setting as well. Being able to trust others when it comes to support is vital in the healing process.

Sobriety and recovery: A life without substance misuse is a journey, not a destination. During residency, clients at New Moon Lodge are empowered with the skills that will let them cope with triggers and past traumas in a healthy manner, improving their relationships with themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

The power of communication: The courage to be open with one another – be it a counselor, clinician, or fellow resident – opens up all sorts of possibilities for life in recovery. Being able to communicate well about one’s triggers, one’s issues, and one’s struggles gives loved ones and other support systems the information they need to help in whatever ways they can, leading to a successful and sober recovery.

Honesty and transparency: During recovery, things aren’t always easy. Living a sober life takes hard work, and when clients are able to be honest about their fears and concerns with staff and with fellow residents, alternative approaches come into play, ensuring continued success.

Leadership: Each and every resident has an important role to play at New Moon Lodge. Clients have the opportunity to lead groups, keep the living space in proper order, provide meals, spearhead community improvement efforts, and more. When given the opportunity to lead, residents, who have often felt left behind due to addiction and substance misuse, gain confidence and feel empowered to continue making positive changes.

The importance of cultural traditions: Holding space for clients to explore their cultural traditions is part of what makes us unique. Many other residential treatment centers ignore the lived experience of the Native American man, but at New Moon Lodge, we celebrate it.