A 14-bed residential facility
for adult Native American males
from all tribes within
United States.

Our Mission:
To provide the highest quality
behavioral health care in
Native America.

Our Vision:
We envision a future where communities are self-sufficient
and have the power and resources to sustain
traditional and holistic well-being
for generations to come.

We Believe In:

Focusing on people   ●    The right and responsibility to work

Strong and reparative relationships

Holding space for people to explore their culture, traditions and spirituality in whatever way best suits them

People’s intrinsic ability to heal   ●    Personal responsibility and transparency

Working until the work is done.

Substance Abuse and Mental Healthcare in Native America

It’s important to provide barrier-free access to treatment for Native Americans.
The importance is outlined in the disproportionate representation of substance use
disorders within the community and the high rates of completed suicides.

In 2013, American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) had the highest rate of substance dependence or abuse compared with other racial groups. Substance use is linked to premature death and disease among AI/ANs, making it a major public health concern.” – SAMSHA

The services provided by New Moon Lodge seek
to reduce the detrimental impact substance misuse has on the community.

Who We Serve
Native American Men

Our Approach

Our treatment philosophy is based on the premise that our clients, many with histories of multiple residential placements, must learn to regain their pride, build their self-confidence, and strengthen their life skills in order to sustain healthy lifestyles within their families and communities. Residents prepare meals for themselves, participate in the Lodge’s decision-making, housekeeping, grounds-keeping, and also actively participate in a structured treatment curriculum with special emphasis on Native American culture and identity, traditions, and spiritual involvement.